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Middlesbrough & District Rambling Club
(known as Middlesbrough Ramblers) Founded 1912

Our club has a proud history, which goes back 109 years. The story goes that the organisation was born following a rail journey. Two dedicated walking enthusiasts, one of whom was Alec Falconer, each returning to Middlesbrough from a different walking holiday, struck up a conversation which led to the launch of a walking and fellowship club.

In 1912 the ramblers selected routes were in the countryside of Middlesbrough in areas which are now built up, and old programmes show that 15-20 mile hikes were the order of the day.

It is probable that the footwear that men wore clambering through the rough terrain were old army boots or steel capped walking boots, and heavy clothing. The women’s walking kit will have included skirts, not trousers ….and sensible lace ups.

None of those walkers would have recognised today’s generation in windproof, waterproof gear complete with hi tech walking boots.  But one thing remains the same – the shared joy of being in the big outdoors on sociable days out.

Alec had actively campaigned for the opening of the Cleveland Way.  Sadly, he passed away, in 1968, just one year before the National Trail was officially opened. This memorial was erected in his memory by his friends and fellow Rambling Club members, near Lordstones. 

During the 1980's and 90's, even to a few years ago , there would be 3 groups walking: A group 12-20 miles, B group 8-12 miles Bus and train times were included in the programme and many walks were not circular.

With such a large group, they were able to offer up to 3 more rambles during the week. and C group under 8 miles.

 There were lots of social occasions such as quizzes, whist, holiday slides, barn dances, teaching map reading and of course the annual Christmas meal and trip.

In 2002, it was decided to hold a celebration for 90 years as a group. In 2012 another celebration was held for the group's centenary.

Middlesbrough Club A Short History: Welcome
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